IMG_1842 2.jpg
photographer Tasha Orlova

The look for Chloé is a glimpse at sublime reflections of the past. Inspired by Gaby

Aghion's life path and Chloé’s archive, Yana imagines the alternative worlds where

the rise of economy in Egypt would make Cairo the next Dubai and Alexandria

another Shanghai.


Drawing the parallels with current immigration crisis Yana gives the "place" to

refugees in Egypt of the 20th century to establish their communities and develop the

unique cultural context. She takes a chance to express her neo-nomadic visions and

urban spirit by blending past and future. With Chloé identity in mind, she creates the

look of a timeless amazon, combining materials such as biodegradable plastic and

leather, mixing warm desert colors and airy transparency. The silhouette holds a

plate of etched copper made by artist Lisa Plaut www.lisaplaut.com resembling a screen that is connected to the body by a cable. This mysterious device seems to enable Yana's simulation by offering the opportunity to plug in.