Yana Monk was born in Moscow, Russia to a family of fur traders. She studied fashion at Gerrit Rietved Academie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Yana's work addresses the issues of homogenization; in particular it is focused on the concept of social encapsulation. She states that humans evolved as nomads in a globalized world, looking for alternative modes either to isolate themselves from ever changing environment or to control it.


"We are dreaming about the lands. The lands someone saw a long time ago... We are seeking the true home but can't escape from the prison of others' desires.."

Her graduation collection Amderma was inspired by a trip to Nenets Autonomous Okrug which is an indigenous area and was presented during the 34th edition of the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion accessories in Hyères.

Yana Monk has established with a mission to create the product  which will support the dynamic vagabond lifestyle of the future. Her intention is to offer a consolation to modern souls and so evoke a sense of personal space and quietude influenced by the eternal wanderer archetype who seeks his personal Agartha.